Power Rangers Movie Posters International & Domestic

A quartet of POWERR RANGER MOVIE posters revealed in as many a weeks (2 weeks, actually :p), featuring the alien-symbiote-armors in the select colors of the rainbow, with/aongside giant Zords and Rita Repulsor.

Featured up top is the UK poster, scrolled down to “International” poster images, with the bottom one being the “US Domestic” poster… and yes, I do expect to see a whole bunch MORE to come, an am quite interested to see the Japanese version of it :)

With the amount of promotional images and posters revealed thus far, and no doubt more - leading up to DVD/Bu-ray releases, it stands to reason that there'll (eventually) be a "Poster-Book" published, innit? Purely my personal speculation, of course :p

POWER RANGERS premiers March 24th on USA screens, March 23rd in Singapore. Time to Go, GO, POWER RANGERS!

Source: @ThePowerRangers