A Closer Look at Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Grand Romance Doll Set from Hasbro

#beautyandthebeast figures spotted at #ToysRUs Tampines - the flocked Beast is pretty cool :)

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As the Hollywood World Premiere for The Beauty & The Beast live-action film from Disney rages on, I take a look at this Hasbro figure set release; The “Beauty and the Beast Grand Romance Doll Set” - spotted-n-snapped yesterday at Toys’R’Us (Tampines Mall, Singapore).

*Also available on Amazon for US$47.67 (FREE Shipping in the U.S.).

And while the facial sculpt for the toy has since been made “tamer” and more “human”-like (compared to film stills), I also found myself “marvelling” at the flocked BEAST figure and his intricate garb (intricate for a mass market proud figure anyways lol), and as well trying to decide if the Emma Watson / “Belle” head sculpt on the doll was “decent” (enough), or decidedly not… what so YOU think”

Beauty and the beat hasbro

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast premieres March 17th in the USA, March 16th in Singapore.