JOHN WICK (& his dog) by PLASTIC CELL - A Look at WIP-sculpts!

"Don't steal his car, don't burn down his
house, and don't kill his fucken dog!"

Keanu Reeves vs Plastic Cell

And if you enjoyed “John Wick 2” as I had, and appreciate the collectible aspect of pop-culture x celluloid byways indie art toys, then perhaps you’ll LOVE this!

From USA-based PLASTIC CELL comes this SD-(*Super Deformed)-interpretation of actor Keanu Reeves styled as his as “John Wick” character, and his dog! The "twist" here is his pitbull, now sculpted as an adorable pup! Ddaaww!!!

Sculpted by @phuongtrvn, this is still in it’s WIP/Work-in-progress sculpting stage, which I assume would be casted in multiples, and painted up?

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“John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will,
something you know very little about.”

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Stay connected to their Instagram @plasticcell for updates! And stake out their online shop for more of their pop-culture inspired collectible figures!

FYI: PLASTIC CELL’s “standard” resin figures are around 5-inch height, with an average price at between US$175 to US$189. This figure is sculpted over their “WHITE CELL BLANK” resin figures, which you can purchase here for only US$15 each!

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