SYNOPSIS: "Parn is a stubborn old woman in her 70's whose only pleasure in life is to brag about her son who she single-handedly raised to be a professor. One day, she learns that her son is planning to send her off to a nursing home. While wondering the street in shock and grave disappointment, she is drawn to a mysterious light and walks into a photo studio called 'Chaya Lumruek.' She puts on a makeup for the first time to get her portrait take, but when she leaves she is shocked to see her reflection. Skin fair and supple and slender figure, she's gone back to being a vibrant 20-year-old young woman again! With no one recognizing her, she sees it as a second chance at life and decides to take advantage of her new-found youth that she never got to enjoy in her old days.."

“SUDDENLY 20” is a Thai remake of Korean movie, "Miss Granny”, and stars (Pan-Asian looking) Davika "Mai" Hoorne as “Parn”, and Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram AKA Pop Star / Actor Jaylerr/JJ has her grandson and aspiring singer “Boom”.

Directed by Araya Surihan, “Suddenly 20” is produced by CJ Major (A joint venture of South Korea’s CJ Entertainment and Thailand’s Major Cineplex set up in 2013 to produce a slate of movies for the Thai and Southeast Asian markets), and was released in late-2016. Distributed by Golden Village Pictures here in Singapore, premiering on-screen March 23rd, 2017!

And while not exactly a genre movie familiar with this blog, I am personally a sucker for sentimental romcoms, especially thru the lens of Asian Cinema. From the trailers it looks to be your mysterious-magic-moment-turns-old-person-much-younger second-coming-of-age reliving-the-past film - ala Zhang Mo’s “Suddenly Seventeen”, or a reverse of “13 Going on 30” starring Jennifer Gardner (“Looper” might be a tad extreme here, but not exactly “time travel”, i know, but..) - infused with singer/musician-dreams of her grandson “Boom”, which she helps fulfil, along with realising her dreams.

But with a bubbly and effervescent Davika and her irresistible smiles, the “story” might well take a "backseat" (if need be), no? :p

Here are a couple of music videos for the film (featured below), first of which is (I cannot confirm tho) a cover version of “I Dream of You (More Than You Dream I Do)” written by Marjorie Goetschius and Edna Osser and published in 1944 (สุภัทรา อินทรภักดี), and followed by “เพลง เด็กกระโดดกำแพง” (Google translated: “Kids jumping wall”) by JJ.

Stands to reason CJ Entertainment’s background in music entertainment, effort would surely be out on these MVs, no? Enjoy :)