“CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST” Figure Sofubi from Utomaru x Tomenosuke

Tomenosuke has teased an upcoming new sofubi designed by Tokyo-based freelance illustrator Yuko Utomaru Motoki - based on her favourite Italian horror movie “Cannibal Holocaust”! Seen here are prototypes of the figure, created by Mirock Toy, as seen from the illustrations Utomaru had designed in Tomenosuke’s 10th anniversary stickers.

Scroll thru to view more images - *WARNING: Partial Toy-Nudity / Images Might Be Offensive To Some*

Buffering the horror of the story behind the imagery, the cuteness of the designed form prevails our senses, and I like it! Tentatively scheduled for a release this summer, do stay tuned for updates on the Tomenosuke-blog!

As well stay connected to Utomaru’s art on dddddd.moo.jp, Tumblr and Instagram @utomaru.

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"Cannibal Holocaust" (1980)