Introducing MY PET MONSTER 30th Anniversary Vinyl Figures!

“My Pet Monster” started life as a plush doll in 1986, produced by American Greetings, and was a doll specifically marketed to “boys” at the time too! Soon, the horned blue furred-n-fanged Monster spawned a cartoon, and a live-action direct-to-video film (view full movie HERE) … and then into ur hallowed memories it went into hiding…

“MY PET MONSTER” makes a return to toyland from their hibernation 3 decades back, as a NEW toy-collectible from Creepy Co., produced in partnership with Shinbone Creative and Saban Brands - in celebration of their MPM 30th Anniversary!
"In celebration of this milestone, Creepy Co. brings you a vinyl toy homage to everyone’s best bud of a beast. Hybridizing various character iterations over the 3-decade span of his existence, our semi articulated toy takes cues from the classic form, both in construction and color. We’ve sprinkled in hints of “Neo Kaiju” and a reference or two to the time weathered 1986 plush toy: the missing length of chain hearkens back to our own Monster’s forever-lost cuffs, and the smoothness of the form itself calls out years of tamped-down fur from his watchpost on our shelves."

Standing 6" tall, with articulation in the head, arms and wrist joints, there are THREE colorways to look out for: the "Classic" colorway (limited to 500), and TWO variants (limited to 100 each).

No prices nor further product details are revealed at this time, but you’re recommended to visit to join their mailing list for more details as they become available. Pre-orders will begin in July!

(Cheers for the headsup, G.A. / MPM info via Wiki)