Who Is Chrysta Bell?

"Chrysta Bell Zucht, known professionally as Chrysta Bell, is an American singer, songwriter, model, and actress. She has worked professionally with filmmaker and composer David Lynch since the pair met in 1999 and together they have released two albums in the genre of dream pop.

Her voice and musical style are described as “ethereal” and “sensual”. Her new album, We Dissolve, due in June 2017, is produced by John Parish, with guests including Adrian Utley, Geoff Downes and Stephen O'Malley."

And yes, for folks - including myself - who might not have known WHO she was before her appearance as attractive FBI Agent “Tammy Preston”, this is as yet an interesting “discovery” indeed, especially was folks - like myself - are besot with the reappearance of actors from the seasons 25 years ago, we miss the “newer faces”, although in the case of “Chrysta”, her’s is a face not “forgettable” at all!

Case Number One. #TwinPeaks #AlbertRosenfield #TammyPreston #BlueRose #CaseNumberOne

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Head on to chrystabell.com to find out more about the artiste, and scroll thru for more music videos of her songs, AND stay tuned to further episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return (on Showtime) to see her “in action” as part of the “Blue Rose” team now!