“Born to Play ~ Born for Friendship” - Predator Vs Aliens-inspired collectibles coming from Fools Paradise!

Fools Paradise next prepares to open pre-orders for their latest pop/film-culture appropriated/inspired product, with “BORN TO PLAY ~ BORN FOR FRIENDSHIP” unleashing for P.O. somewhen mid-December!

The ad-image and WIPs show a “Young Predator” poking at a “Alien xenomorph”, and they look pretty darn marvellous! This is not the first such “sci-fi-genre” product from the Hong Kong-based brand - with their focus on previous “Star Wars”-themed releases a well known ‘toy-lore’ (I’ve since reviewed “Sand K.troop” and “Boba K. Slave” on TOYSREVIL).

The unpainted prototypes of this couple was first on display at the Thailand Toy Expo earlier this year (images featured above), and we’ll have further product & availability info for when they are revealed, so Stay Tuned!

Above: Unpainted protos on display at TTE’2017
Bottom: WIPs