RAMPAGE: New "Us vs Them" Spot & Poster

New "Us vs Them" Spot for RAMPAGE sees the film studio "making fun" of Dwayne Johnson, while The Rock shows everyone that they'll be having fun - and THAT makes a difference, especially when it a shared audience enjoyment in the cinema, IMHO. Maybe it's just me, but I am, and have been pretty tired of studios telling me/us how "awesome and serious their film such as this (yes, I am "movie-profiling" :p), when all I want to is be entertained, especially when it comes to a movie like ... and seeing a huge tattooed brown man running away hahahahaha

Here's a new poster image featuring another (side) angle from the earlier "to-camera" poses :)

"RAMPAGE" in U.S. Theaters April 13, 2018.