"DEADPOOL IT YOURSELF" Coloring Contest for #Deadpool2

Launched on viral website www.deadpoolcore.com is this "DEADPOOL IT YOURSELF" is essentially a "colouring contest", where you download the black-line-on-white art page (see below), where you are to unleash your besets art-ness on said-page!

Upload to the page once you've finished, and let's see what they do to them, shall we? Oh gosh I do love me some interactivity!

And while I contemplate squeezing my brain-juice to come out with something "brilliant" to help aid the promotion campaign via my own efforts (*cough*), here's a lil'lookback at the maybe-so-iconic image of Deadpool atop a scooter - courtesy of artist Ario Anindito's kitbash of his 1/6th-scaled Hot Toys figure (from 2016)! See “behind-the-scenes” clip here!