That DEADPOOL2 "Boombox Serenade"-homage scene & "Bonus" music video from Air Supply (you know you want it)

Wade "Deadpool" Wilson bugs Colossus with a visual parody of the 1989-classic film "Say Anything" with the strains of Air Supply's 'All Out Of Love" (*Bonus MV featured below, because I'm that awesome of a guy), in the above Chinese TV Spot for DEADPOOL2, and its these lil'twisty-bits that gets me smiling and gagging to watch the David Leitch-directed film, premiering May 18th in U.S. theatres, in Singapore May 17th, 2018.

(Above image via / Below: BONUS Music Video)
""All Out of Love" is a song by the Australian soft rock duo Air Supply, released in 1980 from their fifth studio album Lost in Love and it was written by Graham Russell & Clive Davis. In the United States, it reached number two on the Hot 100 (blocked by both "Upside Down" by Diana Ross and "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen) and number 5 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In the UK, the song went to number 11 and is their only Top 40 hit in that country. It placed 92nd in VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Love Songs in 2003." (Wikipedia)
So okay, in case the "Say Anything" reference might slip your mind, here is the exact scene in the Cameron Crowe-directed film (dubbed the "Boombox Serenade"-scene) - featuring actor John Cusak, with the track playing being "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel :)