"The Incredibles 2" collectible toys by Funko available now!

Funko unleashes their line-up of toys and collectibles for the upcoming Disney/Pixar THE INCREDIBLES 2 - which essentially "reveals" more of the "powers" they will be manifesting, including the "Chroming-up" of Jackjack (ala "Colossus" from The X-Men).

On the side, I reckon Funko's particular style of aesthetics do lend itself in-sync with the exaggerated body-form character designs of the movie, with the result looking desirable, IMHO ... well, at the very least for the Pop!s and Mini Mystery figures, no? :)

The Incredibles 2 by Funko 1
The Incredibles 2 by Funko 2

The Incredibles 2 product line from Funko includes;
- Pop!Vinyls
* Exclusive Hot Topic version of Jack-Jack.
* Target exclusive Monster Jack-Jack, Raccoon & Reflux.
* Target exclusive Elastigirl.
* Funko Shop exclusive Monster Jack- Jack.
* Target exclusive Fire Jack-Jack.
* Hot Topic exclusive chrome version of Jack-Jack
* FYE exclusive Jack-Jack shown in diaper.

- FYE exclusive Elastigirl Rock Candy.
- Incredibles 2 Pop! Keychains
- Incredibles 2 Mystery Minis
- SuperCute Plush: Incredibles 2

And while the Funko toys for THE INCREDIBLES 2 are currently available via retailer(s), the animated film itself releases June 15th, 2018 in the U.S.A., and June 14th in Singapore.