Vynl.: Solo: A Star Wars Story – Han Solo™ and Lando Calrissian™

FUNKO PRESS: "I’ve got a really good feeling about this! The galaxy’s most famous smuggler and rebel pilot walk into an establishment for a friendly game of sabacc and arguably the most famous starship in any galaxy changes hands. And now you can bring both owners of the Millennium Falcon™, not to mention the galaxy’s coolest frenemies, home for intergalactic hijinks and maybe even a rebellion or two against the Galactic Empire™. Coming in August!"

I'd actually seen "Vynl" up-close & in-hand (*I do not necessarily ever get to see everything I blog about in-person, sadly), and they look to be in a pretty decent size, and more "enticing" in-person than they might have been online (thus far), IMHO ... and I am beginning to feel the "toy-pull", moreso than Funko's "Pop!Vinyls" these days, which I've always enjoyed as "super-deformed" adaptations of character licenses.

And while I've not watched the movie as yet (hopefully this Saturday with me mates :p), this collection seems "interesting" - gotta give props for the adaption of Lando's caricatured arched eye-brow!