"DISTRICT 9" Collectibles from Weta Workshop

Sci-fi feature film "District 9" from director Neill Blomkamp generally have not produced a whole lot of collectible toys since its 2009 release ( Weta collectible rifles, bootleg assault rifle in 1/6th ... still waiting for Threezero's 1/6th) ... but of late, a couple of notable items (to me they are :p) have since popped up on the scene, and both from Weta Workshop too!

Currently listed for pre-order online now is the 18cm tall "" (AKA "Christopher Johnson" the "Prawn"), and the 15.2m tall "Wikus" (played by Sharlto Copley) as MINI EPIC collectible figures! Each priced at US$29.99, they were first introduced at the recent SDCC2018. (Delivery is scheduled for late 2018).

These stylised interpretations are designed by Mauro Santini. The guns, the aliens, the vehicles, the graphics – the world of District 9 was designed and developed at Weta Workshop in the first place, so this "reincarnation" should be a welcomed treat for folks of the film.

Also spotted on my Twitter stream, are images of the upcoming desktop "DISTRICT 9 Boardgame" from Weta, showcased at gaming convention "Gen Con 2018", to be launched as a Kickstarter project the fourth quarter of 2018 / 1st quarter of 2019. Here are some select snaps of the 3D-printed miniatures, along with Twitter embeds from which the pics originated from, thanks!

Interested folks might want to stay connected to Weta's Twitter and Instagram (if you have not already) for further updates.