Gerry Anderson’s FIRESTORM Minisode One

PRESS: "After several years of development, Gerry Anderson’s FIRESTORM is finally on its way, starting with this exclusive minisode.

Originally created by Gerry Anderson (the man behind Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space:1999 and many other cult TV shows), FIRESTORM is a science fiction adventure series.

Filmed in ‘Ultramarionation’, Gerry Anderson’s FIRESTORM will be made using puppets, real sets, miniatures and practical FX - the next step in evolution from the Supermarionation series of the ‘60s.

Find out more at the official Firestorm website:"

Essentially the new "Thunderbirds" for this generation, with this minisode premiered at London's MCM Comic Con (See reaction video). Watching CAPTAIN SCARLET and THUNDERBIRDS has informed my sense of scale and collecting 1/6th from Day One, and the concept of perception and perspective of "Supermarionation" is something that has stayed with me all these years of my adult-life, so my expectations are pretty high.

Watching all 9 minutes of this, I am unfortunately put off by the sheer amount of animated visual simulated computer graphics (although I understand it is for story-telling and character introduction purposes), and hope to see more puppetry action in future episodes.