PIKACHU AVENGERS by DS Studios (#Spoilers for #AvengersEndgame)

And while we have seen the "Pikavengers" from back in 2015 (Above image montage via hellostonehengetv), featured below are a new batch of images, this time in reference and SPOILERS for Marvel Studios' "AVENGERS: ENDGAME", and of course topical now with the release of "POKÉMON Detective Pikachu" ... AND was made available as resin figurines!!!

Designed by "DS Studios", this resin-made figurine (looks 3D-printed) has a 3rd quarter 2019 release date, and is sized "3cm Height", as listed on the sales page (*Pre-orders since ended :p), which would make sense if it was "3-inches", IMHO... Regardless, here are images to gawk at, and if you've not figured it out by now, this looks to be appropriated/non-licensed, and are AWESOME!