what i've always liked about Adam Sandler-flicks are that they are what i call "non-commital-movies" ~ ie: no investment of emotions or attachments are neccessary to enjoy/watch them. with that in mind, i've always liked (most) of Sandler's movies (which is ironic, becoz i expect to be "entertained") /// CLICK HERE TO READ IN FULL

the basic premise of Click intrigued me so, with what promises to be unrestrained (sort of for a general PG-rating anyways) fun-flick, lasted all of the first half of the movie, whereby the second half uppped and pulled a "fast one" on me/us.
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the humor is trademark-Sandler, IMHO. Sandler is Michael Newman. Newman has an uber-hawt wife and this appalling fiction could only happen in a hollywood-flick Newman is the "everyguy". the everyguy trying to do good. the everyguy who isn't perfect (but tries to be and fails). the everyguy who loves his wife and kids and even his job. the everyguy who tries to get by (something we could somehow all relate to, yeh?). the everyguy gets a miraculous mechanism which allows him to be in control of everything around him. of the environment and most importantly, time ~ and he rewinds, pauses and fast forwards thru his life (now, i would llllluuuuurrrvvvve to have that remote, i promise i will use it well, i would) ... and of coz throughout the whole proceedings, he screws up but eventually makes good. the everyguy learns from his mistakes and triumphs upon himself at the end of the day. this unmistakable Sandler-movie-formula never disappoints and it does not here ... but things are not they seem ...

from frat-boy humor to a deeper exploration of basic human core and emotions, centered around love ~ and suddenly, Click has an emotional depth ~ which chugs along quite sluggishly (becoz you'd never expect a A.Sandler movie to go this direction) initially, but gets you up along with the ride and makes you look within yourself and ask that basic question: "have you told your loved ones you loved them, recently?" (and then Sandler pulls the finger unto his ex's new husband *bwahahahaha*)
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from not wanting to invest any emotions in this movie, to actually "feeling" more than just plain ol' laughter ~ Click succeeds (if this ever was the plan) in more than entertaining me, it actually made me feel for the movie and to heed it's voice and i reckon that's a pretty cool surprise. (not that i'd ever be expecting more from Sandler from this point in, mind :p)

i watched this in the new Cathay Cineleisure, in the beautiful big hall, second row from the screen (*urghz*) and the hall was full. it was a friday night (i think?). and as much as my gut tells me "it wasn't worth the price of near-weekend admission and still watchable on small screens" ~ my heart head tells me it was money decently spent for a enjoyable one and a half-hours ~ you decide ~

(review circa 10.08.06)