"They Live" from Flacon Toys (June 13 Sale)

"They influence our decisions without us knowing it.
They numb our senses without us feeling it.
They control our lives without us realizing it.
They Live."

Relive the sci-fi urban horror of the 1998 film directed by John Carpenter; "They Live", with these "THEY LIVE" figures from Falcon Toys! Scheduled for a release on Friday, June 13th at 5PM CST for US$75 (+shipping).
"Each non-articulated figure is bagged with a lenticular transforming "Oscar Selfie" header card and a pair of replica shades provided by 8-Bit Zombie.com. They are cast in resin, then airbrushed and hand painted. 1 per client, 5 total."

"Aliens are systematically gaining control
of the earth by masquerading as humans and
lulling the public into submission."

Gotta really love the header image of the by-now infamous Oscar-selfie! Awesome job there, Falcon Toys! LOL

Source: Facebook