The Da Vinci Code

*WARNING ~ Spoilers Ahead*

i reckon it helps heaps that i've not read the Dan Brown book for which this movie had been adapted from. i carry not with it all the burden of a pre-conceived "history" nor image of the story or book that the folks from all over the globe have already seen in their minds. and i am thankful becoz i did enjoy the movie for what it is on the silver screens. /// DECODE THE MOVIE HERE

for sure, Tom Hanks did a decent tho pedestrian job as Robert Langdon ~ looking angsty and constipated for most of the time, while Audrey Tautou (as Sohpie Neveu ) cruised by with her english and slight-charms (if only at the end of the film). Jean Reno's Captain Fache looks even more constipated, as did the extremely-constipated Paul Bettany as the tortured-Opeus Dey-monk; Silas, while Ian McKellen (as the history+conspiracy-mad Sir Leigh Teabing ) shone thru as he normally does. but the main actor of this piece falls to the story, which i reckon gave as much as it could, under the deft directorial-hand of Ron Howard. the twist of "the Teacher" was quite a surprise (and here i thought i was clever and all :p), with [Sir Teabing] instead of the suspected [Fache]. and altho the end revelation of [Sophie Neveu] as [Christ's Heir] was expected and not too much of a shocker, tis the little clues that lead to each and every revelation that makes this movie an interesting watch.

much less the hooha about the religious-context and "scandal" that this flick is emboiled in ~ in the end, tis just a movie folks (im not a Christian nor am i totally apathetic, mind) and how could anyone dared compare the Dan-Brown book to the words of the Bible? IMO, anyways :p

clocking-in at 150 minutes, it does feel a tad longer than it should, altho there seems a great effort not to have a rushed ending and instead there's a slowing down of pace to the final reveal, which was apt, i reckon. and while it doesn't prompt me to go read the book nor buy the DVD, it is overall recommended for the hype and for the decently good movie made.

(review circa 04.06.06)