"DIE HARD" For Your Christmas Movie Considerations

(Pic above via @kibookied at evilcorp.tv)

I am of the notion of a varied few, that DIE HARD is a “Christmas movie” - at the very least, a film that heralds the coming of Christmas, for me personally!

Sure there are plenty of warm gooey-love-dovey options out there, films touting giving-n-sharing, and family bonding … “Die Hard” had these too!

John McClane loving his wife, enough to kill others for her … John loves gifting bullets to the bad guys … and the maternal Holly socking tv-journo Thornburg in the face in defiance (A celebrity’s *wish*, I suspect :p), protecting her kid! What’s not to LIKE?

Here are some folks who’ll share with you other reasons WHY DIE HARD is, and can be a great Christmas movie!

Green Arrow Die HArd
Hey, even “Green Arrow” think so!

I need me this xmas tree ornament!