The Fast And The Furious : Tokyo Drift

dunno if it's just me, but the taxi trip i took after watching The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift was akin to sitting in an unlicensed rally car, with the driver going on-and-on - and as he attempts to "drift" down round the ECP-turnabout, i hold my lunch within and can't help but feel that im still in the movie. mayhap that is the single triumph of the flick? /// CLICK TO READ IN FULL

one noticable difference FF3 has from 1+2 is the complete lack of CG-enhanced closeups of engine pistons, no glorification of the nitro-burst experience, but rather in place we have loadsa closeups of hgands on steering wheels, hands on hand-brakes, on shifts and feets/shoes on pedals (in short, the technical art of "drifting"). director Justin Lin attempts to "keep it real".
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and i walked out of the cinema hall with:
01. thumping/kickin' tracks on loop in my subconscious (for which i satisfied my inner desires with the purchase of the CD-soundtrack)
02. quick random flashes of japanese ladies in hawt, lil criminal minis (but why can't i remember any "faces"?)
03. mediocre-looking zhnged-cars (for which was such an inspiration in the first two installments that it led to me amassing Barbie-cars to zhng/customize eventually for me own 1/6-version of F&F)

~ and that's about the size of it really ~

"To avoid jail time, street racer Sean Boswell is sent to live with his father in Tokyo. There he discovers drift racing. After losing a race to Yakuza-connected D.K., the Drift King, Sean has to enter the Tokyo underworld to find a way to pay his debt." [via]
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righteous-troublemaker Lucas Black, with his southern-drawl sticks out like a yakuza-cut thumb in this bad-boy-done-good fable, paired with Bow Wow ("lil" no more) ~ sidekick-extrodinaire, with a kickin' Hulk-mobile (probably the BEST looking vehicle in the whole darn movie, IMHO) and the irritaingly square-jawed but near-hawt-ish Nathalie Kelley and of coz, your usual garden-variety cliched yakuza-ish dudes. dun forget DK (aka "Drift King") and the F4/Ken Chu-lookalike college slacker looking hustler; Han, slumming about in the underground garage and by a ship-wharf. and then there was Sonny Chiba. go figure ...
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does Justin Lin score with this 3rd installment? mayhap more than anyone thinks (what with "new-found" emo-depth *HAH*) but is a serious deviation from the prior two cinematic outings - which accumulates full circle with a guest appearance near the end (Vin Diesel) as a new gaijin-DK drifts into parking-lot-eternity ...

personally, i enjoyed the ride (NOT the taxi-ride i mentioned in the beginning, mind) and appreciate it for what it is/was. objectively? i'd say: watch it in the cinema for the full thumping music. anything else makes for a mindless contentment easily satisfied on the home googlebox, IMHO.

my proposal for Part 4:
Fast and Furious meets Initial D (they're in the same neighbourhood now, innit?) ~ and let's see who gets thrashed, yeh?

(review circa 08.08.06)