The Lake House

maybe t'was that becoz i've watched Il Mare (the Korean-version) prior and had shed "sensitive manly tears" before (*ahem*). or maybe t'was me half expecting both Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock to somehow board a bus together *snigger* (but at least Keanu nearly got knocked down by a bus, innit? :p) or maybe t'was becoz i was staring too hard (unintentionally, mind) at both their double-chins ... regardless, i was distracted somewhat by everything else except for the sweet movie that i imagine it to have been. /// CLICK TO READ IN FULL

"How do you hold on to someone you've never met?" [via]

The Lake House is a "simple" story of love, separated by time and circumstance. forget the obvious time paradox (with the mailbox as the time-nexus) and concentrate on the connection between the two lovelorn folks ~ which i personally feel was quickly glossed over and not developed further (just a hollywood way of quickening the relationship between the two), or a simple matter of two lonely folks sharing companionship that which becomes a "love" that transcends time and the universe. and in the end, tis the mailbox that connects the two, (the dog, the gatekeeper? :p) the lake house serves only as spacial context for which the two bonds. (wonder why they didn't call it; "The Mailbox" instead?)

two decent leads, matured by time and experience, makes this a surprisingly watchable fable and in the end, that is what it remains, a "fable" - where it clings unto our collective fantasies, rather than a reality we could understand, recognize and relate.

at this point in time,. i could barely remember the ending to Il Mare (as compared to the lovey-dovey sweet happy-hollywood-ending in Lake House) - faint memories indicated that the male lead died (hence the "manly tears", i think :p) and unrequited heartbreak set to the repetitive theme song (as ALL Korean love-films have) plays to eternity (or at least till the credit rolls) ... am i wrong here? :p

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