Napolean Dynamite VCD

watched Napolean Dynamite for the first time just, with a crooked brow for the entire duration (but of coz i exaggerate), one hand on me tummy (from the laugher) and the other hand on me forehead (wondering "WTF is going on here?") ~ with a constant wonderment about this obvious non-movie which has become a cult-MTV fav and cultural reference, and of how brilliantly it's all been planned and played out. /// CLICK TO READ IN FULL

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the only obvious "production value" of this entire flick was in the opening title sequence, whereas the on-going day-to-day life of N.D. is chronicled as mundane and as visually "realistic" (meaning: no high fashion ~ altho i dig his tees alot) as this feature could afford. nothing seems glamorized (but of coz my interpretation of USA is via teevee, films and music videoes, 'natch) and a "dear-diary" approach, as far as the vignettes guide the narrative and a semblence of a "plot". peppered with quasi-retardeddysfunctional folks in what is a thinly disguised celebration of nerdhood. a shout-out to geekdom and really, after a while - becomes a tad tedious and bordering on irritation, if not being hilarious at the same time. this weird parallel universe-conundrum is giving me a headache *ouchie*
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cue hero in brown suit, the friend-in-need with his smooth dance grooves. and Pedro becomes president. cue gangsta homies in tricked-out ride. cue brother in bling-bling, lickin' it with La Fawnduh. cue retro-80's muzak.

watch it and be not left out in the geekery-movement that has been made hip for the new millennium, and of the manipulation of middle-american folks by the media ... all i can say is: "thank gawd i bought this VCD @ $7.95"

(review circa 10.08.06)