Nightwatch DVD

oh what a world of difference a DVD-resolution versus VCD; a movie experience maketh ~ the Night Watch-VCD-review i did a whiles back? /// READ MORE OF MY GUSHING

ixnay the negative, for the superior DVD-resolution gives form to more details and other visual nuances that the VCD have left out. the visuals now are stunningly crisp and intense, with only one single (the most important, IMHO) irregularity, is the absence of the intergrated and designed subtitles, that was a major part of the charm of the VCD (and actual movie). which is really, really quite a pity.

the current 2-disc set (region-3) comes with a shitteload of extras, with quite a few intriguing deleted scenes (which actually explains quite a blardy-bit about some sequences!) and making-of-featurettes, pity there's only mandarin and korean subs (altho they did mention there were english subs, i could NOT find any, dammit!) ~ it would have been perfect if they did (besides the missing designed-subtitles) :(

but what's gotten my fanboy-blood pumping were the trailers and promos galore for the sequel; Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor) and they are gorgeously action-packed insane-O-wild! LOL ~ check out some trailers HERE, while the movie makes it's way to our cinema-screens (hopefully) or at the very least, on DVD.

(review circa 05.06.06)