Thank You For Smoking

Thank You For Smoking was an enjoyable watch, most for the ensemble cast, fast and sharp laughs and dark irony that which is the charm of this flick and that's about it really. some flicks are worth watching on the big screen and others would do just as good a job on the small-screens (pirated dvd/vcd) ~ as thoroughly enjoyable as this was, it falls into the latter category, IMHO. /// CLICK TO READ IN FULL

altho the part where they try to introduce a skull-n-crossbones and a "POISON" warning label on cigarette packs was quite a good "nudge-nudge-snigger", to wit:

like, how "forward thinking" are singaporeans, innit? *muahaha-bleh* ;p

go to anutshellreview for a "proper review" lah thank yew berry much :)

(review circa 01.08.06)