Tom Yum Goong VCD

the only thing you need to know about the movie Tom-Yum-Goong; is that it stars Tony Jaa and the dude can truly kick-ass. 'nuff said, i reckon. one of the better ex-video-rental-purchases i've had for a while. a pure kungfufighting-guilt-pleasure /// READ MORE HERE

he kicks. he punches. he deliciously breaks bones. and he does so without even a word of English. *crack-crack-crackle* ~ from the back-alleys of Thailand in Ong-Bak, to the streets of Sydney ~ dude got game and he flourishes with his moves (excepts when he sheds uneven tears over dead mammals) "story"? does it matter? (*heh*) ... go watch the trailers to have a gander (if you've not watched the movie as yet)

and oh yes, the "other thing" about the movie is Bongkuch Kongmalai. she is HOT. 'nuff said.

yah, that's about it for the movie. *yep*

(review circa 17.03.06)