Ultraviolet VCD

the only other reason to watch Ultraviolet is for Milla Jovovich. 'nuff said,


i'd missed the movie on the big screen and had resisted getting the DVD (waiting for price to go down :p) but was compelled to get the VCD (pre-loved) and unfortunately, i did not like what i saw (except for Milla, of coz).

mayhap my expectation was too high? at the very least i expected to be entertained. the plot / premise was a unique combination of my pet favs: vampirism and the (apocalyptical) future in bright shiny lights. and Milla Jovovich as a vampire? too delish to believe! ... and in the end, all i got was "bright" and "shiny". gawd, the colors were so bright, my eyes and senses were blinded so ...

/the plot - simple but unsatisfying.
/the directing - director Kurt Wimmer had a winner (it rhymes!) in Equilibrium. (and i enjoyed The Recruit quite) Ultraviolet was a futile exercise in excess. this is a prime example of: "trying too hard"
/the acting - lacklustre. loadsa passion but no craft. the Vietnamese-speaking segment got at least a chuckle and a raised eyebrow from me (like, WTH?) tis like a fan-film, but with loadsa budget.
/the visuals - everything felt a tad "european", in terms of treatment and flavor, and hence dialogue felt as if dubbed for some reason ... the colors become a huge wad of a deformed rainbow. quite painful to watch actually (but then again, i watched it on VCD, innit?)
/the design - competently executed (altho there is a somewhat retro-80's neon-thing going on for a bit which confused me) and i haveta give kudos to the costume and styling-team (purple hair notwithstanding) = they made Milla HAWT. real HAWT.

so hawt that she needn't take her clothes off to be sexy. and that's saying a lot.

and that's all i haveta say about the glam-sham that was under-delivered-promise of Ultraviolet. thank you for reading this far.

(review circa 27.08.06)