Underworld : Evolution

what? you're looking for a "serious" vampire-flick? then dun really bother ... but if you're looking for "fun"? /// CLICK HERE TO READ ON

make no mistake, when you watch Underworld:Evolution, leave your .. outside the cinema entrance and you'd be overwhelmed by the juggernaut that is the commercial vampire lore for the modern age.

not content with the ability of inhuman strength, enhanced senses and sucking on humanoid-blood, the vampires nowsadays wield automatic rifles and rapid-burst-handguns. and the bullet-count by far outweights the body-count.

the story of UW:E continues near-directly after the climax of the first film, Underworld (that much i appreciate) - which might be a tad difficult for the some who've not watch the first (even with the irritating flashbacks). for sure the effects are grander and cinescape bigger now. more explosions. more gunfire. more effects (the delicious Markus in full vampire-mode is a sight to behold) ... anything more than that; i'd just prove myself to be a poser and teller of tall-tales, innit?

for sure it is a thoroughly enjoyable celluloid trip, wraught with near-gripping suspense and excitment, random gasps of awesomeness, nods of coolness and muffled reactions to Kate Beckinsale's (near) nekkid body ...

Kate Beckinsale is Hot. Uber-Hot. Scalding-HOT. and that just about wraps up the movie, innit? *bleh*

in short, tis a definite recommended watch for alla youse Underworld-fans. and the dvd would sit comfortably next to the first installment. and at the end, it all points to a third installment (of the current trend of "trilogies") and i will await with baited breath.

(see more production pictures here)

(review circa 20.03.06)