Westworld DVD

finally got ahold of WestWorld (budget discount DVD, 'natch) and watched it with one eye near-closed (*sleepy*) and still i managed to enjoy this marvelous (i use that term loosely here) and imaginative 1973 movie written and directed by Michael Crichton. it was with wonderment and awe at how they/he managed to pull-off some visual effects (tis claimed that tis "the first feature to use digitized images" = pixelated images) as well as some retro-title-graphics, visual cues and even script treatments that we still see on the big screens today. *fascinating* /// CLICK FOR MORE WESTWORLD

everything was pacy in the beginning but begun to slip near the middle to end, altho do bare in mind it wasn't the age-of-MTV and quick-cuts, but more atmospheric sounds and a bit of fore-shadowing. the actors were hohum and not as emotive ~ fair enough given the genre ... as was Yul Brynner with a slight killer smile and a cowboy/badboy swagger that turned farnie = walking with both thumbs in belt-buckles are understandable given their "initial-cowboy-programming", but quite farnie after a bit when he quickens his pace lor :p.

altho thru it all, i couldn't help but wonder how come no one has tried to do a remake of this? ... until the concept of an android relentlessly hunting down his prey until the bitter end revealed itself in my own muddled memory banks:

IMHO, of coz :p

and then a little sleuthing around the interweb revealed more possibilities that seemed to have been waylaid by time and circumstance ... "Tarsem Singh"? bring him on! (loved The Cell to efffin' bits) ... heck, if Logan's Run's getting a remake option, i dun see why this'll not work out, innit? for this is the age of retro-revival, innit? ... and while we're on that track, what other 70's movies would YOU like to see a remake of? :p

(review circa 08.06.06)