The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Official Website Launched

"Web-site", gddit? Web? Nevermind :p

Introducing the official website for the new SPIDER-MAN big-screen "reboot" (yes, there seems to be a hyphen) @, featuring not links beyond a jazzed-up snap of the web-shooter posted above (*THWIRP* added by myself ;p), and speaking of "web-shooters", seems the mutant arachniac will be utilizing mechanical ones in this movie? (Forgot where I read that news-nugget tho). No teasers nor trailers as yet, but seems the behind-the-scenes sneaky-snaps by a variety of sources sees a spandax-clad stuntman running around jumping on cars and robbers. No I will not post them here, as I realize they may well put a dent on expectations on the upcoming movie, and we KNOW how color-corrections in post makes tinges a whole lot better, don't they? (I remain in hope). Shown below is another stills-release, of a gone-and-f**ked-up Spidey, for your considerations.

THere's also the Spiderman movie Facebook page for info as well future grabbing of movie stills, if need be. Produced by Columbia Pictures, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN premieres in theaters July 3rd, 2012.


"Actor Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man (via @SHH) in the big-screen reboot of the successful franchise (by Sam Raimi, starring Toby Maquire as "Peter Parker"). I really do not see the need for a reboot, but I reckon with this "new" possibly-Ultimate version, the franchise begins in school and may well drag on much longer, and no doubt keep the cash-tills ringing, and of course fanboys around the globe in geekery-glee .. hopefully…"

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