Arkham: The First Sneak Peek at Dark Knight Rises?


The existence of this "sneak" of the external main entrance to "Arkham" has it linked to a set from the third Batman movie, uninspiringly titled" "The Dark Knight Rises" (courtesy of which springs to mind a myriad of thoughts, chief of which is that this might be the reason than a slew of folks have been casted (or rumored to have been) for the film, including Anne Hathaway as "Selina Kyle" (aka Catwoman? Seriously?). Someone asleep me to trust in Chris Nolan, to which I answered; "I respect the guy. I do not trust him still." (Or some derivation of, somewhat less fancy, on tweeter and within 140 characters). Am trying very hard not to think of Nolan's excellent INCEPTION tho, but it would be nice to finally see the celluloid minds of the super-powered and criminally insane folks of Arkham Asylum, accurately depicted on the silver screen, even if they are cameos!

"Arkham Asylum" also denotes a particular memory for me, and it is bound to the 2D-realms, to the hardcover graphic novel, as painted by Dave McKean, and written by Grant Morrison, published way back in 1989. I still remember getting the book alone, was as well an epic adventure to (I scored only the second print). What is appealing for me, is that the current darker, realistic tone of the films, somewhat mirror that of the comicbook, some 15 years ago. If you have not read the GN, go get it soon from the library or buy it. The film may take some time to come anyways :)