Hammer? HAMMER? About That New Thor Movie Clip & Character Posters

"New" clip from the Marvel Comic live action movie THOR features the Asgardian-God appearing on Earth disorientated an rambling like a mad God (too "cultured" a Norse God, for my tastes) amidst Earthlings consisting of one Natalie Portman. Do not ask if I am convinced, because a short snippet like this means nothing, and we've seen excerpts of this before. Event the news of Jeremy Renner as "Hawkeye" cameoing on this movie, could not move me. (Would be interesting to see his outfit tho, likened to his uniform in The Ultimates).


The new character posters posted above however, fall shameless behind on entertainment value of Rick Johnston's "Thor Story" posters posted below (spotted on Bleeding Cool). There are also new "quad" posters too (fancy language for "landscape format" which essentially reformats the exact same imagery.