RED (DVD Review)

I was actually looking forward to watching this flick, first time I caught chunks of it while shopping for other DVD movies (in my then wheelchair, no less lol), as well featuring a trailer of which, on my TOYSREVIL blog.

I find myself fascinated with a concept of a comicbook mini-series story getting adapted into a full-length feature film. In the initial three-issue comic also titled "RED" (published in 2003/04 by Homage Comics - an imprint of Wildstorm), we had minimal dialogue from Warren Ellis, and always-sweet artwork from Cully Hammer, and featured the (mis)adventures of one retired agent "Paul Moses" (played in the film by Bruce Wilis). The comic never did go beyond the recruitment of other agents, like the movie did.

(BTW - both gents were credited in the movies' opening credit sequence too).


As much as I appreciated the spot-on- casting of Bruce as "Moses" (who else looked as good "bald"?), his constant whispering and calm+quiet demeanor was actually off-putting. His co-stars however, we great! Helen Mirren shined like the queen she was, as did the paranoid John Malkovich. Morgan Freeman had too short a cursory appearance, and Karl Urban was, well the ever-intense-faced "Karl Urban" from whatever film he has acted in.

[Production stills via SuperHeroHype]

The pedestrian romance between Moses and Sarah, Victoria's and Ivan, were distractions to the whambam-plot, but fair enough it provided excuses for scenes and plot-movements (what, they HAD to expand the 3-issue comicbook, didn't they? LOL)

Directed predictably by German film-director Robert Schwentke, I would dare claim this is highly enjoyable - mostly due to the senseless bullet casings expanded, and the efforts of the actors, Helen Mirren rocking them the most (as well Jon Malkovich) but ultimately forgettable, in a Hollywood slam-bang-sorta way. Decent watching tho, and don't forget your popcorn!

"RED" = means "Retired, Extremely Dangerous"

- Red the movie
- Red the comic