The Social Network (DVD Review)

Finally caught David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK on DVD (I was in Stroke when the movie premiered in cinemas, so gimme a break here lol) and as much as I did enjoy it, it was somewhat pedestrian and inevitably forgettable. I wish I could lord over it more - as everyone seemed to have had, along with a slew of film awards - but alas my attention is left wanting, when the film credits roll.

I have always been a staunch fan of Fincher's work, with Se7en and Fight Club et al firmly etched in my psyche (enjoyed Panic Room too but have still to watch Benjamin Buttons tho...), and am more amazed by this excessively "talky" film being captured and portrayed as such, as well the behind-the-scenes featurettes - which actually made me miss the days of filmmaking ... or rather, the "beautiful notion" of filmmaking anyways.

But perhaps my viewing of "making-of" diluted what I had felt for the film itself (the CG-element of the twins were such a surprise tho), as well the expectations heaped upon it by many a viewers, left me expecting more than what I saw, much more.

Or perhaps the "effortless" result of everyone's acting, put me off guard, and I could find nothing else on the screen to focus on, as immaculately banal and "regular" as the designs looked (the effort of which is only seen in the behind-the-scenes segment of the DVD). For sure Fincher crafts his scenes and shots, but perhaps this is the level of mature and exact filmmaking I have found myself currently less endeared to. Perhaps it spoke to YOU mores than it did me.

In the end, the film provided a slice of "reality" so close to the real world, the reel world product becomes a documentary about what we may or may not know of, or care about - even if we indulge in Facebook everyday, IMHO.

As remarkable, was that Social Network was shot digitally. Read more on Wiki.