Top 10 Films TO Look Forward To In 2013

Top Ten Hollywood Films I am looking forward to watching in 2013, to be released in 2013 (so this discounts flicks like "Django Unchained", and even "Man With the Iron Fists" lol)) - this list is subject to change as more films are revealed. This list is dated 13.1.2013, What are YOUR favs? :)

#10 - The Lone Ranger

WHY: Because the trailers had me intrigued, and I want to enjoy the madcapness of Pirates of the Carribean again, even if it means Depp in facial make-up, again… LOL

#9 - Oblivion

WHY: Admittedly, I've always enjoyed Tom Crusie speciacally in Sci-Fi-themed films (ala 'Minority Report' even 'War of the Worlds' lol), because you know there'll be good decent special effects, bcoz of the name attached, which is "Tom Cruise", ya know? heh.

#8 Warm Bodies

WHY: A Zombie movie with a heart? Have a feeling this'll make me smile, if not the grimace at the end confrontation ala Hollywood-style heehee

Also see the first 4 minutes of the film, for your viewing considerations:

#7 - World War Z

WHY: More zombie action, with the zombie apocalypse on a terrifying global scale? And the attachment of Brad Pitt makes this a movie that would not really suck as much, I hope? As well I did not read the book, and have no preconceptions or expectations, but for a wild ride, IMHO.

#6 - Die Hard 5

WHY: As I had said before, "Who does not like Die Hard movies?" Kidding aside, the action is always fun, and is guilt-free from obvious sublime social commentary (It's 'in your face' hahahaha) and roots for the underdog, without whining, you know? Die Hard 2 will always remain my person fav X-mas movie hahahahaha … although Bruce Willis looks visibly "older" in this flick tho…

#5 - G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

WHY: More "Duke" or otherwise, the trailers have been utterly convincing in it's awesomeness (but then again, so was G.I.Joe 1, and we all know how flaccid it was lol but i enjoyed it ;p) and as well The Rock looks awesome and adds that extra oomph to the age-old toy-concept. Yes, it is a concept based on a toy series, and we needn't expect it to reveal to us the secrets of the universe and our existential existence lol

#4 - Star Trek Into Darkness

WHY: I am actually not a Trekkie at all, nor have I a long attraction to the property, but for the joyous reboot afforded me in the first film from J.J. Abrams. And I hope to be entertained again here, regardless of the hype (which actually put me off, and leaves me alienated from the hardcore fans who have become oh-so-vocal).

#3 - Iron Man 3

WHY: I enjoyed IM1 thoroughly, but frankly did not IM2, but hopefully third times' the charm, and Marvel has concocted a winner in this franchise of a third-tier superhero in comicbooks = Bravo!

FYI: DC Comics should take a leaf out of Marvel's playbook - utilizing 2nd to 3rd tier characters, to build an audience, so when their top tier heroes grace the silver screen, expectations have already been bolstered, IMHO.

#2 - Man of Steel

WHY: Well, you can safely ignore my "playbook" concept in my previous entry for Superman hahahaha although, the stigma of "Superman Returns" (by Bryan Singer) still remained raw, here's hoping this new reboot from Zack Snyder would be at the very least visually stunning. I am getting pretty sick of the "reality" folks have been trying to foist on comicbook-characters … i remember Christopher Reeves' Superman, when the tagline read: "You can believe a man can fly" … and perhaps that is enough, let the audience imagine and believe in their own steam, and not try to "convince" them of the non-reality, of a man flying lol

#1 - Pacific Rim

WHY: Giant manned-Robos fighting Giant Kaiju Monsters. What? You folks never read my TOYSREVIL-blog? LOL

Other flicks I am personally looking forward to:
"Fast Six"
"Kick-Ass 2"
"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"
"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For"
"Thor: The Dark World"