Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

With whatever "faults" and obvious continuity edits lacking in my first viewing of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in the cinema, it doe snot go away in my second DVD viewing. But whatever faults that had happen, does not take away the excitement and joy to be had from the movie, now playing one feet in front of me, from a 15" laptop screen, and most importantly, the audio caressing me via full earphones, an inescapable symphony of epic spectacle, of a movie about a masked caped crusader trying to redeem himself, and save the life of his city.

Whatever his sacrifice my unfold, it is still nevertheless heartbreaking. And action of everyone around Gotham, is both commendable and ultimately inspiring, moreso that such a reality to take place, because such a reality can only take place in a fictional film such as this, about a caped crusader, trying to save his fictional city from burning.

I look at TDKR with renewed respect, and admiration. Whatever we dare say about it, or it's two films prior to this, they are no more. The finale is here, and gone. And whatever guises it might take in the future, in whatever incarnations, reinventions and reboots, there will be no more Bale, or Nolan.

So save the bitching until the next Batman film blows you away, and you can only look to the DVDs and Blu-Rays for reprieve hence.

And "Selina Kyle" is STILL so unbelievably HOT and SEXY. That is all.

My First Impressions (circa 2012)