Archiving VCD Movie Covers

I have been archiving the varied VCD Movie Covers on my Popcorn X Facebook, and will continue to do so, once I excavate them from my storage. Remembering the days post-VHS and my initial hesitance to "upgrade" to DVDs (the same hesitance I now feel for Blu-Rays) - "Video Compact Discs" ruled my viewings! Where the feature film itself was key, and not necessarily the high quality sharpness of it LOL

Ironically, the graininess of "film" has eventually given way to "digital sharpness", and the line between silver screens and television screens has forever been blurred into one cohesive hi-def experience LOL

And while I am financially unable to "upgrade" the whole of my collection unto DVD, much less Blu-Ray, this archive shall be a record of what films I have witnessed thru my eyes ... and don;t get me started on my LDs/Laser Discs collection! hahahahahaha