"Rubbers" by Han Yew Kwang on Indiegogo

From director Han Yew Kwang ("18 Grams of Love", "When Hainan Meets Teochew") comes a local (Chinese language) feature film titled "Rubbers", and they are currently raising funds via crowdfunding platform indiegogo.com to help complete the film. The 3 stories are written and directed by Han Yew Kwang, and stars Marcus Chin, Alaric Tay, Chua Enlai, Julian Hee, Oon Shu An, Catherine Sng and Golden Horse Award winning actress Yeo Yann Yann.

"Rubbers is a sex comedy that comprises of three stories that involve condoms in the pursuit of love, desire and reconciliation. In the segment 'Balloons', Ah Niu recalls how he tricked his wife into blowing lots of condoms by telling her they were balloons; in 'The Plumber', Baoling decides to seduce a plumber by hiding lots of condoms around her house; and in 'Nightmare', Adam who dislikes wearing condoms gets an unusual punishment."