Teaser for "The God Hunters"《西游后传》Animation from Vasoon

Scheduled for a 2015 premiere, is "The God Hunters"《西游后传》 from, Vasoon Animation (a privately owned Chinese animation studio established in Beijing, 1992.) whereby the characters from Chinsese folklore "Journey to the West" is recognizable, especially WuKong ("The Monkey King"). No specific details as yet for this spectacular looking animation, threading into Japanimation "Ninja Scrolls" territory and hyper-visuals reminding me of the work of "Madhouse" of Japan, and I Am Liking What I am Seeing Loads!

Listed on their company website is a "completed" animation feature titled; "Deity Hunting (God Hunters)" dated 2007 … but then again, it is also listed as "In Production"? Nevertheless, the film synopsis seems to set the pace; "Some years after the pilgrimage to the West, a magic city is quietly thriving below the 33rd layer of Heaven. Wukong (The Monkey King) and a task force of “God Hunters” are entrusted with the mission of killing God Erlang. Priest Tang, Friar Sand and Bajie are also involved…"