First Full Trailer for "Transformers: Age of Extinction"

The first full trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction has arrived, and truth be told, at the end of it, I was holding back a tear. I suddenly felt this small quiver of excitement as I had the first time I watched the trailer for the very first Transformers movie from Michael Bay. I remember the feeling clearly; a feeling of wonder, a moment of intrigue, and a sliver of excitement - for what entertainment awaits me in the darkened cinema.

I watched and enjoy T1 in the cinema (thanks to a one-and-only press preview in my life, which I unashamedly asked for anyways lol), while T2 and T3 was in the comforts of my own home via the smaller plasma screen via DVDs. While admittedly the story had been more than dubious, but in my mind, the movies originate from toys, and are of autonomous giant robots walking and battling on the earth in the first place, so I never expected anything else other than "entertainment" … and of course Megan Fox. But by the end of T2, I felt fatigued, and by T3, the "mystique" had all but been replaced by "grudging-uncomfortableness" (to say the least).

And it feels good to feel "excited" again (at least about the movie haha). Mark Wahlberg appeals to a certain side of me which enjoys the fictional notion of the pseudo-sensitive macho-action-man (also think general Jason Statham-roles), and he looks like he'll be the one to bring an attitude to this outing, IMHO. Kudos for casting him, methinks. Looking forward, truly looking forward to this film now.

Trailer Source: SlashFilm / Poster Source: Yahoo!