Official Red Band Trailer for "SABOTAGE"

SYPNOSIS: "Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house." (IMDb)
Directed by David Ayer and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josh Holloway, Sam Worthington and Mireille Enos (whom I only just remembered her from "World War Z") … and the only other reason a flick this this is posted here on Popcorn-X (as opposed to others similar to the military-esque genre), was a simple connection to the "toy hobby" I had…

Seeing the earlier trailers (posted blow) inspired me to issue a "kitbash" challenge for my 1/6th-scale hobby buddies, for them to create one or more kitbashed 12" figure to "add" to the team of "Urban Private Military Contractors" (#UMPC2014), the result of which an be seen HERE on my TOYSREVIL Facebook (my own team of 3 can be seen in detail HERE on my 1/6-hobby FB page)


SABOTAGE is Rated R in the US and premieres March 28th, and April 10th in Singapore. Here's hoping not much is cut from the movie here, as I'd really rather see a "R" Rated version than a snipped-down version … or maybe I'd wait for the DVD … ;p

Frankly, it's seeing this "Red Band" version which made me want to watch the flick, rather than just wait for the discount-DVD eventually LOL