Pop! Movies: Pulp Fiction from Funko

Without a doubt one of my favorite movies from director Quentin Tarantino, which frankly reshaped my celluloid views of the silver screen, a harsh-reminder of which was the disgustingly scratched DVD-disc I had returned to me from a "friend" - who has since made me decide not to loan out movies to anyone else since … *Cue irreverent retro boppy-pop song track ala Tarantino's soundtrack preferences*

Personal "material tragedy" aside, Funko releases images of their upcoming Pop! Movies Vinyl, featuring the main characters of PULP FICTION - featuring "hitmen" 'Vincent' and 'Jules', 'Mia Wallace' and yes, that is 'Jimmie' in his robe and coffee-mug, who was acted by Quentin himself. Apparently 'Butch Coolidge' rounds out the line-up (no product pic yet / available in June).

Available in April, go bug your fav retailer for availability and pricing, stat!