"Stand By Me Doraemon" Might Be The End?

"The official website for "Stand By Me Doraemon", the first 3D CG film starring the famous robot cat Doraemon, uploaded a new teaser trailer on Youtube. The narrator states that this is, "Doraemon's first - and final - story." Doraemon tells Nobita, "I can't stay here anymore." The tagline at the end of the video reads, "To everyone who has experienced childhood."

From the looks of it, the movie will focus on Doraemon leaving Nobita and how Nobita will deal with Doraemon leaving. Just like"Toy Story 3" it will probably deal with the theme of growing-up and leaving the child-like life behind."
-reported kdramastars.com.

Oh dear. Little did I know or suspect when I first posted this news nugget on TOYSREVIL back in 2013, that the contents would be of such "dire" circumstance (Doesn't help at all when I don't understand the Japanese language @.@") … nevertheless, here's hoping things will work out fine in "the end".

The film opens August 8th in Japanese theaters. You can check out screengrabs posted HERE in the dedicated PopcornX FB-album :)