TOYSREVIL @ "Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Legend Back in Action Exhibition" @ Bugis Junction, Singapore (March 17-30.2014)

March 17th saw the launch of the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Legend Back in Action Exhibition" at Bugis Junction. Arriving a few minutes past 12noon, on show were previously revealed 1/6th-scaled figures from Hot Toys, including Captain America and Red Skull from "The First Avenger", Black Widow (from "The Avengers") and "Nick Fury". Highly anticipated reveals of display prototypes for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" were disappointedly not on show. I would have loved to see the movie Captain America (which has since been unveiled today), The Winter Soldier, The Falcon, or even the recently online-revealed Black Widow (with a new hairstyle).

"Word" is, (an undetermined number of) additional prototype figures will be revealed on site "in a few days" (which makes sense if you want to sustain a continued "interest" in the showcase, which lasts thru to March 30th). No doubt displays might/will be in line with online reveals by Hot Toys, and hopefully by the movie's premiere on March 27th, most would be on show? All speculation on my end, of course.

Shown here are a smattering of images, which on-hindsight would've looked better taken at nighttime, without the sunlight filtering thru the top windows and casting reflections all around LOL - My apologies for the "distracting" images, folks ;p

What was "interesting", was a trio of diorama settings on display (housed against the wall) a video compilation of which, is posted above. The first niche features a WW2-era lab-contraption you will recognize from the first movie - when Cap was "created" within! The pod is raised on an elevated platform, with side steps and a railing, and is a truly inspirational piece of diorama, methinks!

Next up is Captain America dangling off in a "flying fox" line, above a canopy of a train, while moving footage is shown in the background (seen in video above).

The final diorama display was a recreation of a movie poster, with the back of Captain America facing front instead, framed by the cargo-bay doors of the plane he was to jump off from. Interesting but hardly able to display the FRONTAL of your figure, IMHO, but nevertheless another option to display your sole Cap piece :p


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