Official Behind The Scenes for "Guardians Of The Galaxy" + Crossover Comics of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe

I love it that folks across the www is calling this a "Sneak Peek" when instead it's "just" a behind-the-scenes featurette featuring artists soundbites. and movie images seen before in trailers and clips (even Yahoo! named it "Behind The Scenes" haha ;p).

Quips aside, what MARVEL movies remind me of these days: "Crossover Comics".

Remember when there'll be a "crossover event" across the comicbook Universe and there'll be multiple titles involved in the proceedings and shenanigans? It's still happening now in print, and with the advent and introductions of end-credit scenes (which of course Marvel goes One-Up before anyone else with 2 end-credit scenes in their recent films lol), the MARVEL Cinematic Universe has since caught up!

Linking each individual movie(s) to the next, is indeed a whole hecka fun, provided you don't miss any MARVEL movie, of course!

When I first saw a glimpse of Benicio Del Toro as "Taneleer Tivan / The Collector" in the GoTG trailer, I was esthetic (sorta), like I "discovered" who he was! And it was not until much later, when I came across the end credit scene for "Thor 2", did I find out he had already been seen by the public (which is obvious by now I did not catch "Thor 2" in the cinemas), but just not be myself!

Sorta like when you miss a particular issue of a "comicbook Crossover Event" you do not normally read/collect, and discovered the "current" comicbook you are reading, refers to THAT incident you missed? LOL

Be that as it may, it still evokes "fun", and as a comicbook-geek (once and always will be), I appreciate notions like this taking root in mass conciousness LOL … Now I am just waiting for someone out there to do a video montage of ALL end credit sequences from MARVEL into a single continuous fillet … I would do it, but I suck at editing LOL

*SPOILER: Do Not Press Play If Not Watched 'Thor 2'*