"First Glimpse" at RHINO in 1/6 (from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2") by Hot Toys

And while the live-action film "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is starting premieres around the world (missed my preview last night, on account of me having chickenpox now, but I was told the needing already…), Hong Kong's premiere "miniaturize-your-film-character" toymakers now gives us a "glimpse" into their truck-turned-exoskeleton "RHINO" as a 1/6th scaled Collectible Figure!

Now Spider-Man has someone to fight! But I think Rhino is NOT the only one a'coming! You know when they've made a "short-appearance" character, the "blue" and "green" dudes are around the corner! *WHOOP*

I reckon this is not the full product array of images tho (am still interested to see if the "Rhino-head" could pop open to see a Paul Giamatti underneath, piloting it haha), AND if the figure size is proportionate to the movies. ... but enjoy these unveiled ones thus far!

"There are a number of deadly foes out to catch the spider in the action packed movie, and Hot Toys is delighted to share with you today some looks of the Rhino battling our favorite wall-crawler! The prototype of the gigantic Rhino will be shown for the first time worldwide at the “Marvel Sapiens” Exhibition hosted at Hot Toys’ flagship store in Tokyo, Japan from tomorrow until May 11! Fans in Japan remember to come check it out!" (HT FB)