Hiroya Nakano's "Marty McFly & DeLorean" in 1/6 Scale #BackToTheFuture

1/6th-scaled hobbyists take pride in able to miniaturize their favourite characters and create dioramas for them (as I suspect too other hobby-scale enthusiasts), and while I have seen a few "Marty McFly" custom-versions before, I have yet to witness BOTH a Marty AND a DeLorean!

Check out these images of Hiroya Nakano's SCRATCH BUILT 1/6 Marty & Delorean for the ever-classic film "Back To The Future"! Loving the LED lightup features around the car, and inside with the Flux Capacitor!

"I have just completed my work Marty & DeLorean “Back to the Future”, it’s my best handcraft piece!! and done on the LED light effect! I want to dedicate this model to Michael J. Fox, that courage me to keep the faith for my life coz I have the same disease." -shared Hiroya Nakano.

Source: OSCF