About That Blue Lipstick On Michelangelo

And while I may be, and have been "tolerant" about the newly-designed quartet of mutated turtle-men for the upcoming TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE reboot-feature film, the BLUE LIPSTICK on Michelangelo, is the final ninja-shuriken to my gut in this turtle soup of horrors! Doesn't really match his red/orange mask, does it? Should I be "hopeful" that this happens only on a drawn illustration, versus the reel deal? Or should I **flip my table** now?

View the rest of the foursome posted on comicbookmovie.com (Source).

FYI: **"Flip The Table" is a local Japanese appropriated culture turned expression whereby folks rudely and forcefully upturn the table they are eating/dining/drinking on, hence causing a din and mess, to show their ultimate displeasure.