Another Look At The Newly Revealed BATMAN (from "Batman vs Superman")

So I went to bed with the reveal of the BATMAN Suit weighing on my mind (the Batmobile "reveal" was pretty inconsequential at that point, frankly) … and three things stuck in my mind: (1) They gave Batman shorter and less pointy "bat-ears" - which became less of a parody, compared to someone who could literally fly … (2) The suit design is now closer to the comicbook source material, versus Christopher Nolan's "extreme sports" gear mashedup with police riot armor (which I too loved, mind you) … and (3) BY GAWDS HIS COD-PIECE WAS SO PRONOUNCED AND HUGE!

And all I can do now is to post the cropped pic above, of the newly minted cleft chinned Batman played by Ben Affleck for "BATMAN VS SUPERMAN" … and if the black-n-white image by Zack Snyder might have thrown me off the color-wheel, I've a couple of enterprising fan-colored ones to share, and I can go on forward about with the rest of my brand new day - feeling slightly 'mind molested' - but raring to go …

Above-left: from Brett Culp (full image on SlashFilm)
Above-right: from EvilbyZac (who has two more on Twitter @zacatkinson).