Batmobile (Partially) Revealed by Zack Snyder

Last thing I saw online before I went to bed last night, was the Batmobile tweeted by director Zack Snyder (pic above), and like a little kid who left his tooth at the bottom of the pillow**, hoping to find spare change in exchange (thanks to the 'Tooth Fairy'), I was hoping to find a fully revealed vehicle from "Batman vs Superman" when I woke up … but alas, my dreams were yet again thwarted … but the day is still long, at least in my timezone! LOL

**Us Asian kids do not necessary believe in the Tooth Fairy, and we do not put loose tooth underneath a pillow ... our parents will scold us for being "filthy" LOL ;p

Or maybe there are TWO Batmobiles to be revealed? Naaah, not really! LOL (below pic via @Batmancanseeyou) … and I can imagine a whole internet meme starting around this hahhahaha